Off-Season Training

LionDrive Offers a variety of off-season training programs for athletes of all sports. Our off-season programs run in two sessions each winter.

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Hitting for Power

For those advanced hitters who are looking for the right way to increase their power at the plate, this is the course for you.

Learn where your power comes from, what it looks like to you, and how to apply it to game situations in this course. 

Instructor: Jack Burk

Cost: $600/session

LionDrive Pitching

Elevate your outings

Coach Jaron Dorchinez will be teaching everything an athlete needs to know about pitching, from maximizing velocity while increasing strike percentage to fielding your position and controlling the running game.

Instructors: Jaron Dorchinez, AJ Fletcher

Meets: 2x/week November - February

Cost: $500/session

LionDrive Infield

Learn your position like never before

The LionDrive staff will be taking infielders to a whole new level, with individual and team skill work each week. 

Instructors:  Jaron Dorchinez, Justin Moran

Cost: $400/session

LionDrive Hitting

Maximize your offensive potential

Looking to figure out your swing? Improve your consistency at the plate? Or maybe you need help learning an approach or routine that works for you?

Look no further. Tried and true methodologies and an emphasis on each athlete learning his/her individual swing guide this course.

Cost: $400/session

Youth Baseball 101

Get started on the right foot

Looking to re-learn fundamentals, or learn for the first time?

You're in the right place. Sessions will include all the fundamentals (emphasis on FUN) in hitting, fielding, pitching, and rules. 

Meets: 1x/week (15 hours total training time)

Cost: $400/session

Fitness Boxing

Learn the basics and get in the best shape of your life

Coach Jack Burk got into boxing as an adult, and immediately recognized the benefit to baseball players.

Increasing your rhythm and timing, power, conditioning, and athleticism are all huge parts of boxing that translate to baseball!

Instructor: Jack Burk

Meets: 2x/week

Cost: $300/session 

Monthly Performance Groups

For those that are looking to get bigger/faster/stronger, and have programmed workouts to elevate your performance, this class is unmatched.

Coach Barrett Smith has developed a training regimen to help athletes reach their maximum potential, and will be guiding these workouts personally to ensure maximum performance.

Cost: $150/month

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