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Jack Burk

Hitting Coordinator/Founder

(720) 440-3288
[email protected]

Jaron Dorchinez

Fielding Coordinator/Partner

(720) 422-7871
[email protected]ic.com

Barrett Smith

Performance Coach/Partner

(832) 922-5696
[email protected]

Rich Miller

Catching Coordinator/Partner

(303) 229-8727
[email protected]

AJ Fletcher

Pitching Coach

(219) 741-1509
[email protected]

Justin Moran

Performance Coach/Infield Coach

(407) 335-9948
[email protected]


More than a tagline. An attitude, a way of life.

What does 'TMIC' mean?


Jack Burk, founder of LionDrive, has always taken this attitude to his athletics and professional life. It embodies that competitive spirit, that fire and drive to succeed, even when others don't believe in you. Find your inner lion. Tell Me I Can't.

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